Top 5 Tips For Staying Motivated Before & During Your Local Move

If you have a big move coming up and you are as anxious and stressed out as you are excited about it, you are not alone. Most people have mixed feeling when thinking about a move, and they tend to feel overwhelmed by their emotions and find it difficult to stay motivated. Setting straight forward goals will considerably help. But remaining motivated throughout the entire process is often times more difficult said than done. And losing motivation usually means losing that spark that had kept everything flowing according to the plan. You may also need a certain kind of positivity so you can keep making progress through the many difficult steps of your move. But once you find what makes you tick, you need to learn how to hold on to it and use it to your best advantage.

Tip #1: Write Down Your Timeline Of Goals

  • Writing down your main goals on a piece of paper will not suffice if you want to do things the most effective way possible. Instead, create a timeline for your goals so you can remain motivated.
  • Your goals are the ones that will guide you through the process, but adding a timeline to them will save you from any last-minute surprises. Goals are also considered an excellent source of positive reinforcement, since their completion will let you know that you are closer to completing the move. Find meaning for each of the goals and minigoals you will set and understand exactly why it is important to you to complete them. This will help you accomplish them and stay motivated.
  • Make a list of chronological goals following the logical string of actions you will need to do. Give yourself time to find the right moving company, do all the shopping, and set up your phone line, internet and cable services at your new home. Once you will see everything written down, things will start to fall into place and seem more real and palpable.

Tip #2: Delegate Responsibilities

  • Rely on the rest of the members of your family to help you out with various chores. This should help you remain focused and calm.
  • Even the kids can receive certain chores, appropriate for their age, including packing and cleaning their rooms.
  • Instead of struggling to deal with everything on your own, you can delegate and free up time to take care of the most critical tasks that you feel you should take care of by yourself.
  • You will feel less overwhelmed when you will know you can pick up the phone and call the person responsible for a certain task and check their progress.

Tip #3: Stay On Top Of The Game

  • You got this, you can do it. Thousands of people relocate on a yearly basis, and you can do it too, hassle-free.
  • Focus on staying hydrated and eating healthy, nutritious meals. Make time for your needs as it will help you keep a clear head and a focused mind. You will need to preserve all your strength for the moving day.
  • Set up a motivational playlist on your phone and use it, as it can help you push through your tasks a lot easier.

Tip #4: Hire Professional Movers

  • Find a reliable moving company and get rid of many of the tasks that were stressing you out. If you do not have a van or a large truck you can use to carry your furniture to your new address, and you have lots of boxes to pack and unpack, professional movers like the guys at New York Local Movers are just what you need.
  • They will not only lighten your load, but also help you achieve your goals a lot sooner and on a more positive note. Simply giving them a call and asking what they can do for you should make you feel a lot calmer and confident that you will make it.

Tip #5: Project Positive Images

  • Focus your attention on the final results, the way your new house or apartment will look like and the happiness you will experience once you will set foot in it. Picture all of your furniture and home items in place or in their proper storage space.
  • If you have a spouse or a significant other helping you with the move, turn into a cheerleader for one another. Use plenty of “good job” comments.
  • Stay away from negative news and images. Turn off the power and stop checking the news, email, or watching television if you are easily affected by world events.
  • You should also avoid playing computer games or staying on the phone for too long, as it will distract you from your tasks and disrupt your moving flow.
  • Hide all distractions, but do make time for rewarding breaks. Rest and recharge your batteries so you can stay motivated and upbeat. Set up pleasant rewards like ordering pizza or having a beer once you complete a bigger task.
  • Invite people over to your new home; this will be a powerful motivator that will make you push yourself to get everything done as initially planned.

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